6 Recommended Educational Games for Teens

Most teen and tweens would prefer boredom over board games. However, it is advisable that they be given some encouragements to help them keep an open mind. Such games will help capture the teen’s imagination, sense of humor and attention while boosting their critical thinking skills.  It will curb youth addiction to alcohol too as it will keep them busy! The following six games are recommended educational games for teens.

Apples to apples


This game is meant to help the teens build their vocabularies, social skills and predict their friend’s preferences. In each round of the game, one teen plays the role of a judge. The other players get seven cards each which bear a red apple and a noun written on it. The judge bears a green card with an adjective written on it. The results are always funny or serious, each player should read the judge for them to win the green card. The players should never tell the owners of the respective cards. This game also presents a junior version for the younger kids or even the teens with less vocabularies.


Time’s up


This game is similar to the charades and is played in teams of two. Both teams have a deck of forty cards which names the famous people. A player gives their opponents a clue to get them guess the name of the person on the card. In this, critical thinking is applied. In each round of the play, tougher restrictions on the clue are given. In the first round, the opponents are allowed to say anything. In the second, the players are only given a chance to use one word for the description of the famous person in the given card. In the third round, the players are only allowed to act out clues.


The settlers of Catan


This game is meant to teach the teens to strategize and plan. The players are meant to be settlers in an abandoned land and are required to build a very successful society out of it. Each player should start with two settlements and roads. The players then roll a dice for them to gain the required resources. Such resources include bricks, wool, stones and lumber which can be used in road and house constructions required for settlement. The various resources acquired can too be traded with other players. The teens should be careful of their settlements, resources and whatever their opponents are doing.


Fact or crap


Most people may end up disliking the name though this game is important for the teens. It is meant to help them learn how to figure out on what’s true and what’s false. Some players call it fact and fiction. Once a player picks a card and reads the statement in it, the others should decide whether the statement is real or not in the shortest time possible. The given statement then opens up a discussion and a research on new things.




This game teams up teens in the search of appropriate words for a certain category. These words should start with a certain letter rolled on the die. They also have a time limit for the game.




This game is basically meant for the teens and tweens who lack the confidence in figuring out their voice intonations and emotions. Every player selects a card written a phrase then rolls a die to get a mood.